Hi! I’m Sherlyn and welcome to my travel and food blog!

I am a University Lecturer of International Relations and Southeast Asian/ASEAN Studies from Manila, Philippines.
During my free time, I write, I travel, I eat, and I’m always hungry for more.

My interest with travel started when I was a little girl when my primary school sent me to different destinations in my hometown (Batangas, Philippines) to compete in different academic competitions. I saw beautiful churches, tried different food, and met fellow students and people from different places. In secondary school, I competed (and won!) the ASEAN Quiz Show for three consecutive years. That’s when I got to know ASEAN and Southeast Asia with all my heart and fell in love, real hard. I vowed to see all the beautiful places in ASEAN which I could only see in books back then. 11 years since casting that dream in stone, I already visited all of Southeast Asia. Life is sweet!

I took Political Science for my Bachelor’s Degree at De La Salle University Manila and learned more about the Politics and Governance in Southeast Asia (Oh, graduated Cum Laude!) and later earned my Master’s Degree in International Studies from the University of the Philippines Diliman where I also specialized in Southeast Asian Studies.

During until shortly after graduate school, I joined the Philippine government service and traveled around the country. Some of my travel destinations include islands with only less than a hundred family settlers and war/conflict areas. I traveled to do research and monitor and implement several projects. As a result, my love with travel further developed. That’s when I bought my first smartphone and camera to document all my travels. I took photos of everything — the scenery, food, people I met, and photos of me in landmarks and Instagrammable locations.

My Current Life as a Lecturer and Travel Blogger

I decided to join the academe (something I’ve been really dreaming of) after leaving the government service and after realizing I’m not for an 8-5 desk job (I get bored of routines easily zZzZz). Instead, I’m someone who embraces uncertainties and who wants to interact with different sets of people on an everyday basis. I also want a schedule flexible enough to squeeze in passion projects, hobbies, and travels. I have a Twitter account dedicated for my academic pursuits which you can follow here.

Where’s Sherlyn? is my travel and food blog where I share everything related to things outside my job as a Lecturer. This includes my stories, the places I visited, the food I ate, travel and life lessons, among others. I’m not gonna tell you that traveling is beautiful 100% of the time, but it’s always just a matter of perspective.


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