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Bicol Region, Philippines (composed of 6 provinces – Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon, Masbate, and Catanduanes) is one local destination I will always keep on coming back to travel – the food is great, the views are spectacular, the people are naturally kind, and there will always be new places to see. This is nothing but a typical provincial area in the Philippines, but there is some kind of a magic spell in this place which makes me go back here over and over again. Legazpi City would of course be my favorite, but Naga City is also a nice place, and I like the quaintness of Daet town.

Since I’ve been to this area a few times, I would like to share the spots I’ve been to when I went to travel to Bicol, Philippines, specifically in the provinces of Albay, Camarines Norte, and Camarines Sur. Forgive me if I haven’t visited the rest of the Bicol region, but I will try my best to visit them next time so that I could complete this list. But in the meantime, enjoy the best spots on my list from the three provinces I’ve been to.

So without further ado, here are some spots in Bicol, Philippines that are worth snapping that Instagram photo when you travel to this beautiful region:



Mayon Backpackers Hostel (Legazpi City)

Bicol Philippines Travel: Mayon Backpackers Hostel
Snippet of the Rizal Room which I owned for a night.

This was the place I stayed when I went to travel for the first time alone in Bicol, Philippines. This hostel is located at Legazpi City.

Kawa-Kawa Hill (Ligao)

The sunflower garden atop Kawa-Kawa Hill is just a short (but steep!) climb from the foot of the hill, but all the sweat and energy are worth it. The City of Ligao celebrates the Sunflower Festival annually to commemorate its cityhood. The city government is also doing a good job maintaining the sunflower garden. Tip: the sunset view here is also perfect.

Mayon Volcano (various locations in Albay)

You can have a view of Mayon Volcano in many spots in Albay and Camarines Sur provinces. This time, I was able to view the volcano in a new spot – at Barangay Penafrancia, Daraga, Albay.

Cagsawa Ruins

Bicol Philippines Travel: Cagsawa Ruins
Cagsawa Ruins, Albay (and my tanned face haha)

Behind me is a remain of the former Cagsawa Church which was destroyed by Dutch pirates sometime in 1600s.

ATV Ride to Mayon Volcano

Bicol Philippines Travel: ATV Ride to Mayon Volcano
My ATV ride at Mayon Volcano

Several companies are offering ATV rides to the different areas of Mayon Volcano, and the guides are good photographers and videographers as well!

Albay Park and Wildlife

The elegant peacock at Albay Park and Wildlife

A place where families bond together, Albay Park and Wildlife is also a good place to familiarize yourselves with Kingdom Animalia.

Bigg’s Diner (various locations in Albay)

Biggs Diner
Bigg’s Diner, Legazpi City

Bigg’s Diner is the largest food chain in the Bicol region with branches in Batangas province (Lipa City and Batangas City). What I love with Bigg’s are (1) its very beautiful retro-inspired interior, and (2) the food! I always make it a point to dine at Bigg’s everytime I visit Bicol region. Their must-try is their chicken – it can practically compete with either Jollibee Chickenjoy or KFC Chicken. Tip: try their garlic parmesan chicken. I promise, it’s worth it!

‘Hepa Lane’ (Legazpi City)

Hepa Lane Legazpi
Hepa Lane, Legazpi City

There is a street near the Post Office and LCC Mall called the β€˜hepa lane’ because you can have all kinds of street foods there – isaw, dynamite, barbecue, name it. The Master Sisig stall provides the yummiest sisig in hepa lane. You can buy a Sisig Rice Meal for only PHP40.

Penaranda Park

Another “Hepa Lane” at Penaranda Park, Legazpi City

Just in front of the City Hall of Legazpi City is another ‘hepa lane’ at the Penaranda Park. The best time to go here is during sunset.

Lignon Hill

Viewdeck at Lignon Hill, Albay

Lignon Hill is a nice place to hike (don’t worry the pavement is completely concrete!) and you will eventually be rewarded by this view!


Chapel at Embarcadero, Legazpi City

Embarcadero is a shopping mall and a port area with a nice view of Mayon Volcano. Since Mayon Volcano is sometimes shy to show up, I just snapped a photo of the beautiful chapel there.

Daraga Church (Daraga)

Daraga Church’s facade

Daraga Church is one of the historical treasures of the province of Albay. It is currently undergoing rehabilitation with the supervision of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and the National Commission on Culture and the Arts. The white coating is a lime coating meant to protect the outer layer of the church and will wear out over time to go back to its original color.

Sumlang Lake (Camalig)

Sunset at Sumlang Lake, Camalig, Albay

Located at the Municipality of Camalig, Albay, Sumlang Lake also provides a good view of Mayon Volcano while cruising in a bamboo raft (balsa). You also have the option to ride an aqua bike or kayak. Be sure to go hours before sunset becuase it closes at 6PM and people are lining up early.

Legazpi City Museum


Bicol Philippines Travel: Legazpi City Museum
A beautiful painting at Legazpi City Museum

Since most of you know that I am a museum person, this was my first stop upon arriving at Legazpi City. It is located inside the premises of the City Hall.

Chili Ice Cream Stalls (various locations in Albay)

Bicol Philippines Travel: Chili Ice Cream
Chili Ice Cream in Ligao, Albay

Bicol Region is famous for its spicy cuisine. The sili ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the region and is really a must-try. Some restaurants (like the 1st Colonial Grill, another restaurant chain in Bicol Region) serve sili ice cream. This time I got my sili ice cream in a cone from the kiosks at the foot of Kawa-Kawa Hill in the Municipality of Ligao, Albay.

1st Colonial Grill

Bicol Philippines Travel: 1st Colonial Grill
The ice cream cart of 1st Colonial Grill, Legazpi City

As indicated in the cart, 1st Colonial Grill is the home of the original chili ice cream. You can order either level 1, 2, or 3 of the chili ice cream. Oh, did I mention their laing is the best?

The Oriental Legazpi (Legazpi City)

Jasmine Restaurant at the Oriental Hotel Legazpi serves delicious food and at the same time gives a nice ambiance with its beautiful interior and a nice view of Mayon Volcano at the same time. Their cookies and cream milkshake is really, really worth the money.

Legazpi Airport

Mayon Volcano acting shy at Legazpi Airport

My photo just did not give justice to what I’m about to say, but upon arriving at Legazpi Airport, you will be greeted by the beauty of Mayon Volcano. I swear, in other days, it’s there! πŸ˜€



Calaguas Gateway Hotel (Daet)

Bicol Philippines Travel: Calaguas Gateway Hotel
Calaguas Gateway Hotel

This is where I stayed when I went to Daet. The location is perfect and almost everything is accessible fro here.

Bagasbas Beach (Daet)

Bicol Philippines Travel: Bagasbas Beach Daet
One afternoon at Bagasbas Beach, Daet

The perfect place to chill when in Daet! Even if you don’t know how to surf, just sitting by the beach area is already enough.

Daet Municipal Library and Museum

Bicol Philippines Travel: Daet Museum
Daet Museum

This small place is where the city government keeps all artworks and memorabilia of the Municipality of Daet.

The First Rizal Monument in the Philippines

The first Jose Rizal monument in the Philippines

This was said to be the first memorial monument for Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero. Inscribed on each side are his novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, and his third but unfinished novel, Morga.

Martyrs of Camarines Norte Historical Marker

The historical marker of the Martyrs of Camarines Norte

Where are you, history buffs? Are you like me who also gets excited seeing markers like this? πŸ˜€

Camarines Norte Provincial Government Building

The facade of the Camarines Norte Provincial Government

Very, very typical pillared government office, right? But the vicinity is so garden-ish and looks like a nice park.

Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel and Resort (Daet)

The beautiful swimming pool at Bagasbas Lighthouse where I had an afternoon coconut juice

This was one of the nice beachfront hotels in Daet and their restaurant area is nice. You can also use their swimming pool for Php100.

Mampurog River (San Lorenzo Ruiz)

Trying to cross my way through the other side of Mampurog River, San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte

I could use a peaceful morning by the river, and just the sound of the waters flowing at Mampurog River (and nothing else) was priceless.

Mang Bok’s Kinalas (Daet)

Kinalas is a local food in Daet, Camarines Norte

My desire to try some local food led me to try out kinalas, a local Bicolano food which kinda tastes like lomi in Batangas.

EATcetera Food Garden (EATc)

My yummy chicken sisig at EATc. Daet

Located just near the Provincial Capitol area, EATc was a nice al fresco restaurant with very cheap but yummy food!

The 21 Cafe and Resto (Daet)

The cozy design of The 21 Cafe and Resto in Daet

One of the nearest coffee shops at Calaguas Gateway Hotel, I had the chance to have a quick snack here before my bus ride going back to Manila.

Funfrappe (Daet)

The cute interior of Funfrappe in Daet

My usual aimless walking around the towns I’m traveling to sometimes leads me to beautiful underrated cafes like this one.

Caramel’s Fried Siopao (Daet)

Caramel’s Famous Fried Siopao

I heard this was famous in Daet, so I searched for it and gave it a try. And true enough, it’s very, very yummy!

Those restaurants near the Daet Public Market

Sipping some pineapple juice at a random restaurant by Daet Public Market

Haha forgive me if I forgot the name of this place, but this was a random place I stumbled upon to chill and listen to nice music.


Naga City Ecological Park

Naga Ecological Park is perfect for families and group of friends who want to spend some quality time. The area is very child-friendly and it has a huge playground built by Graceland, a local bakery and restaurant chain. Adults and kids-at-heart can also enjoy the playground, especially the hedge maze.

Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC)

The famous “CamSur” sign at Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex

I wish I can afford to write a separate blog post about CWC, but there’s just a lot to do here.

San Francisco Church

The altar of San Francisco Church, Naga City

Just very near the Centro in Naga, I paid this church a visit when I was having my own walking day tour of the city.

Penafrancia Cathedral

Bicol Philippines Travel: Penafrancia Cathedral Naga
The altar of Penafrancia Cathedral, Naga City

I made it a point to visit this church when I went to Naga because it’s very popular and cultural.

Travel Cafe (Naga City)

Bicol Philippines Travel: Travel Cafe Naga
Travel Cafe’s aesthetic design in Naga City

Anything travel-themed will always be my thing! This cafe was really cozy and relaxing. The London telephone booth-designed door will greet you in here.

White Bean Cafe (Naga City)


Bicol Philippines Travel: White Bean Cafe Naga
The very beautiful interior of White Bean Cafe in Naga City

Just in front of the EMall, I couldn’t help but give this cafe a check because it really looks beautiful from the outside. It’s intimidating to enter the cafe because it’s very beautiful, but it has a home-y vibe once you enter.

There you have it! Are you excited to travel to Bicol Region in the Philippines now? Let me know by sending me a message at my Instagram account @wheressherlyn. Happy and safe travels!

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